What is Kinesiology?

The basic principle of kinesiology is to balance the body's energies.

Picture the body's optimum state of wellness as a triangle with 3 sides - physical, emotional and bio-chemical. All are vital. Kinesiology seeks equilibrium for all sides of the wellness triangle.

Kinesiology uses the gentle art of muscle testing along with the 5 elements & energy meridians of TCM (Tradtional Chinese Medicine).

What is it that you want to achieve? What would it be like to function in this new way? What keeps you from achieving it? What would happen if you didn't achieve it?

These are the questions that hold the answers. When we set a goal, our focus and energies become balanced towards it.

It is truly holistic as your body selects the priority method that would best serve you to achieve your goal. Sometimes this involves stimulating certain points, stretching muscles, sabotage clearing, creative visualisation, talking, emotional & postural stress release and many more fascinating options. You are full of possibilities!

About Chi

In kinesiology, we are working with energy. We believe that any problem/ blockage a person is experiencing is due to a blockage of "chi" . " Chi" means life force energy and relates to how this flows through the energetic meridians of the body. Interestingly enough , “chi” also means the twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet and the twenty-second star in a constellation.

The Combination of Eastern & Western Techniques

Kinesiology is a powerful combination of Eastern & Western techniques that come together to access the body’s innate wisdom and restore equilibrium.

Muscle monitoring/testing is used as a form of bio-feedback and also identifies emotions that keep us stuck in old patterns. This means that you already have all the answers to what is holding you back physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The most exciting news is, we can discover information today on the best way to clear the path towards what you would like to achieve, straight from the most reliable source – you.

Imagine bringing your mind-body to the energetic buffet, and allowing it to choose! It’s great for stress, fatigue, pain, digestive & emotional issues.

Want To Learn More About Kinesiology For Yourself?

I am a Touch For Health Instructor. These techniques are powerful wellness tools and are the very bed rock of kinesiology. This is where it all started ! The techniques can be used in your daily life, with others or as an addition to your current modality. Please register your interest and I will let you know of any exciting upcoming workshops.

Explore your life purpose & what inspires you.

You have the key to unlock your greatest potential.

About Me

Ann Brita Nilsson
Kinesiologist, NLP Practitioner & Coach, Hypnotherapist & Touch For Health Instructor

My passion for kinesiology started 4 years ago when I attended an introductory Touch For Health class. Something shifted within me. I couldn't get enough of this wonderful and fascinating modality, as a result I went on the journey to study and achieve my qualifications in Kinesiology.

Marvelling at the mystery that was unravelling, I came up against my own limitations along the way and kinesiology was such an eye opener. It really assisted me to open my heart. To really live that passion of who I am. To not be lurking somewhere in the shadows of my life wondering about what could have been.

Whilst I don't believe kinesiology can tie your shoelaces for you or do your tax return. I do hold a vision of a world where oneday, this is possible. Or a utopia without shoe laces or tax returns.

I'm open to all possibilities...

I am a Kinesiologist and Singer/Songwriter with a sense of humour.

I love what I do and I love it when you do too.

QUALIFICATION DETAILS: Diploma Kinesiology (PKP), Touch For Health Proficiency, Touch For Health Instructor, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach, Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, Time Line Therapist, Shell Essences Practitioner, Resonate Essences Practitioner, Cert IV Kinesiology (PKP), Professional IICT member & AIK member.

  • 'The practice helped me a lot to find my balance, my strength, and energy to deal with everyday challenges and putting me in contact with myself and my potential. I recommend to try Kinesiology with Ann to anyone that is interested in this practice.'

    Linda Bonini.

  • 'Just had a manic kinesiology session with Ann Brita Nilsson this morning. Feeling really high. Worth the trip and the time. Honest, authentic, leveraging quality over the cash. She is really really cool. Thanks!!'

    Frederick Malouf.

  • 'Ann is a dedicated practitioner in all that she does. She is wonderfully honest, and understands there is little need to make people feel worse to feel better, or to sustain repeat business for the sake of it. I love her sincerity. She is awesome! Well worth getting to know and feel better with.'

    The QSE.


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    $160 AUD
    $120 AUD
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    1.5 hour session
    $120 AUD
    $100 AUD
  • Follow Up Session

    1 hour session
    $100 AUD
    $90 AUD
  • Specials

    3 x 1 hour appointment prepaid: $300 AUD

    2 x 1 hour appointment prepaid: $220 AUD

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